Guide to adding skill XP multipliers


Multipliers are a way of increasing the amount of skill XP a player receives without changing the sources config.

Multipliers are permission based, meaning you can add them to individual players or groups of players (such as ranks). If your permissions plugin supports temporary permissions, you can even create temporary XP multiplier events.

Adding Multipliers

To add a multiplier, use your permissions plugin to add a permission in the following format:


Replace [percent] with the percent more XP you want the multiplier to give. For example, the permission aureliumskills.multiplier.100 will give 100% more or 2x XP. The percent supports decimals using . (e.g. aureliumskills.multiplier.10.5)

Skill Specific Multipliers

Multipliers can also be added to only multiply XP from sources of a specific skill. The format of the permission is aureliumskills.multiplier.[skill].[percent] where [skill] is the default English name of the skill in lowercase.

Example permission for 1.5x farming multiplier: aureliumskills.multiplier.farming.50

Multiple Multipliers

If a player has more than one multiplier permission, the multipliers will add together and work as if there was only a single multiplier. For example, 100 (2x) and 50 (1.5x) multipliers will add to 150 (2.5x).

If you want multiplier multipliers that have the same value, you cannot simply use the same permission because inherently permissions must be unique. As a workaround, you can add trailing decimal zeros so that they are technically unique, but have the same value.

For example, aureliumskills.multiplier.100 will work the same as aureliumskills.multiplier.100.0. You can continue adding trailing zeros to add as many duplicates as you like.

LuckPerms Examples

The following are examples of adding multipliers using LuckPerms, a popular permissions plugin. If you use a different permissions plugin, use the commands from that plugin to add the multiplier like any other permission.

Adding a 2x multiplier to a player:

/lp user [player] permission set aureliumskills.multiplier.100

Adding a 1.5x multiplier to a rank called vip:

/lp group vip permission set aureliumskills.multiplier.50

Adding a temporary 3x multiplier to everyone for 12 hours:

/lp group default permission settemp aureliumskills.multiplier.200 true 12h

Removing a 2x multiplier from a player:

/lp user [player] permission unset aureliumskills.multiplier.100

When removing multipliers, you must use the exact text of the permission you added.

Item and Armor Multipliers

Multipliers can also be added to items and armor similar to stat modifiers. Item multipliers increase XP when holding the item. Armor multipliers increase XP when wearing the item. Multipliers can be either global or only for a specific skill.

The commands used for item/armor multipliers:

  • /skills item/armor multiplier add <target> <value> [lore]

  • /skills item/armor multiplier remove <target>

  • /skills item/armor multiplier list

  • /skills item/armor multiplier removeall

Use either item or armor in the command depending on the type of multiplier you want. Target can be either global or the name of a skill. The value of the multiplier is the percent more XP gained (works the same as permission multipliers).

These multipliers are included in the /skills multiplier command, which can display skill-specific multipliers if they are different from the global multiplier.

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