Guide to adding item and armor requirements

Requirements allow you to add skill level requirements in order to use an item. For example, you can create a pickaxe that only works when the player reaches Mining 15. There are two types of requirements: item and armor.

Item requirements apply when using the item in the player's hand. Armor requirements only apply when equipping/wearing the item.

There are also two different scopes and ways to add requirements: using commands or global requirements.

Command Requirements

Using commands to add requirements only adds the requirement to the specific item you are holding when creating the requirement. Therefore, you must distribute exact copies of that item in order for it to work.


The item/armor below means you only type item for item requirements and only armor for armor requirements.

  • /skills item/armor requirement add <skill> <level> [lore] - Adds an item/armor requirement to the held item. skill is the name of the skill that is required. level is the minimum skill level needed to use the item. lore is an optional true/false argument that determines whether lore should be added to the item. Lore is completely separate from the functionality of the requirement, so you can change or remove any lore.

  • /skills item/armor requirement remove <skill> [lore] - Removes an item/armor requirement from the item held. If lore is true, the lore that was originally added will be attempted to be removed from the item. This may not work if you added custom lore.

  • /skills item/armor requirement list - Lists the item/armor requirements on the item held.

  • /skills item/armor requirement removeall - Removes all item requirements from the item held.

Global Requirements

Global requirements allow adding skill requirements to all items of a certain type/material. To add global requirements, you must add a global list to the requirement.item or requirement.armor section of config.yml.

The basic format for an entry in the list is: - MATERIAL SKILL:LEVEL

Here is an example of a global item requirement for diamond swords requiring Fighting 10 to use, including where it is located in the config:

  enabled: true

Multiple global requirements on a single item are also supported:


Global requirements do not support custom items

NBT Tags

The following info is for advanced users with prior knowledge about the NBT format

The following is the NBT tag structure used for item and armor requirements (not global requirements). It can be used in places such as the give command to create items with requirements already added.

{AureliumSkills: {Requirements: {[Type]: {[Skill]: [value]}}}}

Replace [Type] with either Armor for armor requirements or Item for item requirements. Replace [Skill] with the name of the skill with first letter capitalized (e.g. Fighting). Replace [value] with the skill level required.

Example of a Farming 10 item requirement:

{AureliumSkills: {Modifiers: {Item: {Farming: 10}}}}

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