Main Config

Guide to the config.yml file

The config.yml file is the main plugin configuration file and contains settings for mob and level formulas. All formulas support PlaceholderAPI placeholders that aren't player-dependent in addition to the list placeholders.


  • language - Sets the plugin language, which must be the language code of a file in the messages folder.

Mob defaults


The available placeholders in this section are {level} for the level of the mob and {distance} for the distance between the mob and the world spawn.

  • damage:

    • formula - The formula for how much damage a mob deals based on its level. {mob_damage} is the base damage of the mob without any modifications.

  • health

    • formula - The formulae for how much max health a mob has based on its level. {mob_health} is the base mob health without any modifications.

Mob level


  • formula - The main formula for determining mob levels when there are players within the player_level.check_radius of a mob spawning.

  • backup_formula - The formula to determine mob levels when there are no players within the player_level.check_radius of a mob spawning.

  • max_level - The maximum possible mob level.

Placeholders for both formula and backup_formula:

  • {distance} - Distance the mob spawn is from the world spawn.

  • {sumlevel_global} - The sum of the player level of all online players (player levels are determined by player_level.formula)

  • {location_x} - The X coordinate of the mob spawn.

  • {location_y} - The Y coordinate of the mob spawn.

  • {location_z} - The Z coordinate of the mob spawn.

Placeholders for only formula:

  • {highestlvl} - The highest player level in the check_radius.

  • {lowestlvl} - The lowest player level in the check_radius.

  • {sumlevel} - The sum of all player levels in the check_radius.

  • {playercount} - The number of players in the check_radius.

Player level


  • check_radius - The radius to check for players when a mob spawns to determine it's level. If no players are within the radius, the mob level will default to the mob_level.backup_formula.

  • formula - The formula to determine a player's level. The following placeholders are available:

    • {sumall} - The sum of all of a player's skill levels.

    • {average} - The player's average skill level.

    • {skillcount} - The number of skills that are enabled on the server.

    • {skillname} - Gets the player's level of a specific skill. Replace skillname with the name of any enabled skill in lowercase.

Custom name


  • enabled - Whether the nametag of an AuraMob should be overriden with a custom name.

  • format - The format of the custom mob name. Available placeholders:

    • {mob} - The name of the mob type from the messages file.

    • {lvl} - The level of the mob.

    • {health} - The formatted health of the mob.

    • {maxhealth} - The formatted max health of the mob.

  • health_rounding_places - The number of decimals to round mob health to. If 0, the value is rounded to an integer.

  • display_by_range - If true, the custom name will show when the player gets close enough even if the player is not directly targeting the mob.

  • display_range - The maximum number of blocks away to show the custom name if display_by_range is true.

Skills XP


  • enabled - If true, the skill XP gained from killing/damaging a mob will change based on its level.

  • default_formula - The formula for determining the amount of XP to give. Available placeholders:

    • {source_xp} - The base XP gained from killing a mob, including any multipliers from AuraSkills.

    • {mob_level} - The level of the mob.



  • type - The type of world list to use, either blacklist (only worlds on the list are disabled) or whitelist (all worlds except those on the list are disabled).

  • list - The list of worlds to blacklist/whitelist the mob level functionality.

Mob replacements


  • type - The type of replacements list to use, either whitelist or blacklist.

  • list - The list of mob types that levels are enabled for if type is whitelist, or the mobs that are disabled if type is blacklist. The * symbol can be used as a wildcard for all mob types.

Spawn reasons

spawn_reasons - A list of valid spawn reasons for which levels will be applied to mobs.

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