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AuraSkills (formerly Aurelium Skills) is a Minecraft plugin that adds skills, stats, abilities, and other RPG-related features. Developed for the Spigot and Paper server platforms, the plugin can be downloaded for free on the official plugin website, SpigotMC, Hangar, and Modrinth. The plugin is fully configurable and customizable, enabling use on a wide-range of server types from small SMPs to large, custom MMORPG networks.

This wiki contains documentation on how to set up, configure, and use the plugin. Support from the developer is provided on the Discord server, where users can also give suggestions, report bugs, and get announcements. AuraSkills is open-sourced on GitHub.

This wiki is for AuraSkills 2.0+ only. For the old wiki (AureliumSkills Beta 1.3.x), click here.


Players level up skills by gaining skill XP through general Minecraft tasks, such as Farming, Mining, Fighting, or Enchanting. Increasing levels for each skill gives the player stat buffs, unlocks and levels up passive and mana abilities, and other customizable rewards. Using /skills, players can view all the relevant information about skills and gameplay in fully-configurable inventory GUI menus. Certain Fishing and Excavation abilities drop custom loot, which can be customized and extended to other skills through loot tables. Players can compete with each other through leaderboards and rankings. Custom items can also be created that give stat modifiers when held or worn, skill requirements to use, and XP multipliers. Numerous commands and permissions allow server admins to manage players and control access to features.


Main article: Skills

There are 11 default skills included in AuraSkills which level up as players gain skill XP through various XP sources. By default, each skill has two stats that increase every 1 or 2 skill levels. Most skills also have 5 passive abilities that unlock the at first five levels and level up every 5 skill levels. Some skills have a mana ability, which is a special ability that must be activated by the player, costs mana, and has a cooldown.

The 11 skills are Farming, Foraging, Mining, Fishing, Excavation, Archery, Defense, Fighting, Agility, Enchanting, and Alchemy. The existing 15 skills from Beta can be added back by loading the legacy preset.

Skills can be viewed using /skills or by using the command for an individual skill, such as /farming, /mining, etc.

The skills.yml file is where skills are configured, including enabling/disabling skills, changing max levels and other skill-related options, as well as which abilities and mana abilities they have.


There are multiple configuration files in the plugins/AuraSkills directory that are used to configure the plugin.

Main Config

Main article: Main Config

The main config.yml file is used for general or miscellaneous config options related to storage/database, external plugin hooks, languages, action bar, boss bar, worlds/regions, modifiers, requirements, and more.


Main article: Skills#Configuration

The skills.yml file is used to configure skills, including:

  • Disabling/enabling skills

  • Changing the max level of skills

  • Removing or switching the abilities of skills

  • Removing or switching the mana ability of skills

  • Other skill-related config options


Main article: Rewards

The rewards/ folder contains the rewards files for each skill. The name of the file is the name of the skill it corresponds to. Rewards are given when a player levels up a skill and can be used to level stats, execute commands, grant permissions, give items, or deposite money (Vault). The global.yml is used to add rewards that apply to all skills (not a combined level, just saves time from adding same rewards to each file).

Removing or changing the default stats granted by a skill are done in the rewards file.


Main article: Loot

The loot/ folder contains loot tables for certain skills. By default, Fishing and Excavation include loot tables that are dropped by certain abilities in those skills. Custom loot tables can be added for Mining or Foraging by creating a file of the skill name (mining.yml or foraging.yml).

Main article: Menus

The menus/ folder contains the menu files used to change the appearance of the plugin's GUI menus such as /skills. Almost anything related to a menu's appearance can be customized, including adding new items or adding actions to execute when clicking an item.


Main article: API

AuraSkills provides an extensive API that allows developers to hook into the plugin and interact with users, listen to events, and add custom content.

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