List of incompatible software

Unsupported Server Software

The following server software will not receive support. Although the plugin may work, it is prone to issues and deviates from the mechanics of Spigot/Paper.

  • CraftBukkit - Action bar will not work

  • Modded hybrid servers (Arclight, Mohist, Magma, CatServer) - Modded environments do not work well with Bukkit plugins in general, some features are reported to be broken especially around health.

Incompatible Server Options

  • Offline Mode - We do not support piracy in any way, and player data saving may not work.

Incompatible Plugins

  • LoreAttributesRecoded - Will reset health when doing certain actions. Can be fixed by disabling the health in that plugin.

  • CustomEnchants - Will reset health when doing certain actions.

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