Mana Abilities

Guide to mana abilities and the mana_abilities.yml file

Not to be confused with passive abilities.

Mana abilities are active abilities that consume mana when activated. By default, mana abilities unlock at skill level 6 and level up every 6 skill levels. Each skill can have at most one mana ability. Mana abilities can be swapped between skills by changing the mana_ability option in skills.yml.





Replants crops automatically for a certain duration. Right click with a hoe and break a crop to activate. Works with wheat, carrots, potatoes, nether wart, and beetroot.



Breaks entire trees instantly for a certain duration. Right-click with an axe and break a log to activate. The algorithm is not final and will be improved later on to work perfectly with all tree types.

Speed Mine


Gives Haste 10 for a certain duration. Right-click with a pickaxe and break stone or an ore to activate.

Sharp Hook


Deal damage to a hooked entity when left-clicking with a fishing rod.



When digging, break connected blocks instantly in a 4 block radius horizontally for a duration. Right click shovel and dig block to activate.

Charged Shot


Arrows you shoot will deal more damage based on how far the bow was pulled back, consuming mana in the process. Does more damage per mana consumed. Left click a bow to toggle charged shot mode.



Incoming damage will decrease mana by 2x Minecraft damage instead of your health. Mana will not regenerate while Absorption is active. Left click shield and take damage to activate.

Lightning Blade


Increases attack speed by a percent for a duration. Right click sword and attack entity to activate.


Configuring mana abilities is done in mana_abilities.yml. The format is similar to the normal ability configuration, but with some different options.

Common options

  • enabled - Whether the mana ability should be enabled. Disabled mana abilities will have no effect and be hidden from menus. This does the same thing as removing it from mana_ability option in skills.yml, though this enabled option is more suited for temporarily disabling a mana ability.

  • base_value - The value this mana ability has at level 1 (when it is just unlocked). The value determines the duration for most mana abilities, except Sharp Hook (damage dealt), Charged Shot (damage per mana), and Lightning Blade (attack speed increase).

  • value_per_level - A number that the value of the mana ability is increased by for each level of the ability past 1. The formula for effective value is value = base_value + (value_per_level * (level - 1)), where level is the level of the ability, not the skill. See the level_up option below for how the ability level is calculated.

  • base_cooldown - The cooldown of this mana ability at level 1 in seconds. The cooldown starts counting down after the mana ability wears off.

  • cooldown_per_level - The change in the cooldown per mana ability level. By default the this is negative so the cooldown decreases as you level up. If you are increasing the max skill level or mana ability level, be careful to make sure this doesn't make the cooldown negative.

  • base_mana_cost - The cost in mana to activate the mana ability at level 1.

  • mana_cost_per_level - The change in mana cost per mana ability level. Player's won't be able to use the mana ability if the cost is higher than their max mana (increased by the Wisdom stat).

  • unlock - The skill level the ability is unlocked at. This can either be a fixed integer, or a string expression using the placeholder {start}, which is value of the start_level option in config.yml. The default configs use this method to have the first ability always unlock when you first level up a skill up to the fifth unlock.

  • level_up - The interval in skill levels between when the ability levels up. The formula for a user's ability level is level = (skill_level - unlock)/level_up + 1, not including any cap by max_level.

  • max_level - The maximum level the ability can be (not the skill level). Setting the value to 0 indicates no maximum level, making the max ability level determined by the max skill level and the above formula.

Ability-specific options

Option keyMana abilities applicableDescription


Replenish, Treecapitator, Speed Mine, Terraform, Lightning Blade

If true, players must right click and sneak at the same time to ready the mana ability.


Replenish, Treecapitator, Speed Mine, Terraform, Lightning Blade

If true, right clicking to place a block from the offhand will not ready the mana ability of the tool in the main hand.


Replenish, Treecapitator, Speed Mine, Terraform, Lightning Blade

If true, sneaking while right clicking with a block in the offhand will ready the mana ability of the tool in the main hand.



The delay in ticks between when a crop is broken and when Replenish replants the seed.



Whether to display particles when replanting.



Whether attempting to break an non-fully-grown crop with a hoe while Replenish is active should be prevented.



A multiplier on the maximum number of blocks that can be broken at once by Treecapitator. The base number of blocks depends on the wood type.


Speed Mine

The level of the haste effect that should be given by Speed Mine. Counts from 1 for the lowest possible level.


Sharp Hook

Whether the damage number shown in menus should be multiplied by the action_bar_scaling option of the hp trait in stats.yml.


Sharp Hook, Charged Shot

Whether a sound should be played when the player uses the mana ability.


Sharp Hook

If true, Sharp Hook will still apply even if the plugin thinks it will do 0 damage. Only enable this if you have compatibility issues.


Charged Shot

If true, all arrows fired will be charged shots if the player has the mana ability unlocked. This disables the left click toggling functionality.



The maximum number of blocks that can be broken at once by Terraform.



Whether particles should be shown when a player absorbs a hit.


The names and descriptions of mana abilities can be edited in the mana_abilities section of the messages file.

Disabling mana

While mana is a core component of the mana abilities system, the mana system can be essentially disabled through a few steps:

  1. Set the mana.enabled option in config.yml to false. This removes mana costs from mana abilities and most mentions of mana in menus. While most mana abilties will still work just without a mana cost, the Absorption and Charged Shot mana abilities will be disabled because their mechanics fully depend on mana.

  2. In the messages/global.yml file, edit the action_bar.idle message by removing the {{action_bar.mana_display}} part and extra spaces. Since the idle action would just display health, you probably want to disable it completely by setting action_bar.idle to false in config.yml.

  3. Up to this step, mana has already been functionally disabled. But to fully remove mentions of mana in menus, replace mentions of the word "Mana" in the messages file of your language to something else, like "Active Ability" for example.

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