Main Config

Guide to the config.yml file

This is a guide to the config.yml file found in the plugins/AureliumSkills folder.

If an option you see in the config is missing, this page may not have been updated yet or the option may have been removed. You can find any config additions and changes in the full plugin changelog.

Last Updated Version: Beta 1.3.13




  • enabled - Whether MySQL should be used for data storage (requires a restart to enable)

  • host - MySQL hostname

  • port- Port (must be number)

  • database - Database name (must be created already)

  • username - MySQL username

  • password - MySQL password

  • load-delay - Number of ticks to delay loading data after a player joins, useful for syncing multiple servers to a single database

  • always-load-on-join - If true, player data will always be loaded from the database when a player joins, regardless if it is already in memory

  • ssl - Whether to use SSL


default-language - The default language for players; must have a file that matches (ex: messages_en.yml for en)

try-detect-client-language - If set to true, the plugin will try to use the client's language, if available and valid. This is only for players who have not set a language using commands, or if their language was reset after a server restart. If the client language is not a valid plugin language, it will use the default-language. If set to false, all unset players will use the default-language.

languages - A list of languages players can switch to using /skills lang <language>; must also have a file that matches. Custom language files are defined here.

Action Bar


  • enabled - Whether the action bar should be enabled/disabled (Must be set to true to have any action bars; setting to false disables all action bar types)

  • idle - Controls the idle action bar (not gaining xp). Enable this if you want the action bar to always display.

  • ability - Controls the action bar for ability messages (raise/lower, activate, etc.). If set the false, the ability messages will be sent through chat instead.

  • xp - Controls the action bar for gaining xp (not maxed)

  • maxed - Controls the action bar when xp is gained in a maxed skill

  • update-period - How often the action bar should update, in ticks (Increase this value if action bar is causing lag)

  • round-xp - If enabled, current xp will be rounded to an integer.

  • placeholder-api - Whether PlaceholderAPI placeholders should be replaced in the action bar, given that you have PlaceholderAPI

  • use-suffix - Whether to format the current player's XP with number suffixes (k, m, etc). Only applies if xp is set to true.

Boss Bar


  • enabled - Whether boss bars should be enabled for xp gains

  • mode - Can be either single or multi. multi means multiple boss bars will display if gaining XP from different types of skills, single is only one at a time.

  • stay-time - How long the boss bar should stay up after not gaining xp, in ticks

  • update-every - Controls how often the boss bar should update when gaining xp consecutively, increase if having lag issues

  • round-xp - If enabled, the current xp will be rounded to an integer.

  • use-suffix - Whether to format the current player's XP with number suffixes (k, m, etc).

  • format - The format list allows you to change the boss bar color and style for each skill:

    • Format: '[SKILL] [COLOR] [STYLE]'

    • Available colors are BLUE, GREEN, PINK, PURPLE, WHITE, RED, and YELLOW

    • Available styles are SOLID, SEGMENTED_6, SEGMENTED_10, SEGMENTED_12, and SEGMENTED_20

base-mana - The base amount of mana players should have at 0 Wisdom

enable-roman-numerals - Whether Roman numerals should be used for skill levels

Damage Holograms

damage-holograms - Enable/disable damage holograms (requires HolographicDisplays)

damage-holograms-scaling - Whether the damage displayed on holograms should be scaled according to health.hp-indicator-scaling


  • display-when-less-than: - Display decimals in damage holograms when less than a specified damage

  • decimal-max-amount - The maximum amount of decimal digits to display


  • x - X coordinate offset

  • y - Y coordinate offset

  • Z - Z coordinate offset

  • random:

    • enabled - Whether random hologram positions should be enabled

    • x-min - Minimum X coordinate offset

    • x-max - Maximum X coordinate offset

    • y-min - Minimum Y coordinate offset

    • y-max - Maximum Y coordinate offset

    • z-min - Minimum Z coordinate offset

    • z-max - Maximum Z coordinate offset



  • update-period - How often leaderboards should be updated, in ticks

  • update-delay - How long after server startup should the leaderboards be updated, in ticks (does not include the immediate update on startup)


enable-skill-commands - Whether skill name commands should be enabled such as /farming or /mining (Requires restart to have an effect)

check-block-replace - Whether blocks placed by players should not give xp; keep true unless you are having plugin compatibility issues

Worlds and Regions

blocked-check-block-replace-worlds - Worlds on this list will not be checked for block replaces, allowing placing and breaking of blocks to gain xp.

blocked-check-block-replace-regions - WorldGuard regions on this list will not be checked for block replaces (requires 1.13+).

blocked-worlds - Players in worlds on this list will not be able to gain xp naturally in any skill.

blocked-regions - Players in regions on this list will not be able to gain xp naturally in any skill (requires 1.13+).

disabled-worlds - Most of the plugin's gameplay functionality will be disabled in worlds on this list, including but not limited to stats, abilities, gaining xp, and the action bar (commands and menus will still be available)

disable-in-creative-mode - Whether players should not be able to gain xp while in creative mode



  • enabled - Whether data for online players should save periodically instead of just when they log out. This is useful if you experience skill data losses due to server crashes.

  • interval-ticks - How often (in ticks) to auto-save



  • enabled - Whether players should gain money for leveling up skills (requires Vault)

  • base - The base amount of money players gain at level 2

  • multiplier - The multiplier (money = base + multiplier * level * level)



  • title:

    • enabled - Whether a title should be displayed to players on skill level up

    • fade-in - Title fade in time, in ticks

    • stay - How long the title should last, in ticks

    • fade-out - Title fade out time, in ticks

  • sound:

    • enabled - Whether a sound should be played to players on skill level up

    • type - The name of the sound that should be played (must be a valid sound name)

    • category - The sound category the sound should be played in

    • volume - Sound volume

    • pitch - Sound pitch

  • double-check-delay - The level up check delay for large xp gains at once, in ticks (lower is faster)



  • armor:

    • equip-blocked-materials - A list of blocks that should not grant stats of armor when right-clicked; add to this list when stats are given but armor is not equipped.

  • item:

    • check-period - How often, in ticks, the item held in a player's hand should be checked for stat item modifiers (increase if you have lag)

    • enable-off-hand - Whether stat modifiers should work in the off hand

  • auto-convert-from-legacy - Whether the old modifier nbt format should be converted to the new one. Set to false if you are having performance issues and all your items have been converted.



  • enabled - Whether requirements should be checked at all. If you do not use requirements, disabling will improve performance.

  • item:

    • prevent-tool-use - Whether block breaking should be blocked when a player does not meet a requirement

    • prevent-weapon-use - Whether attacking entities should be blocked when a player does not meet a requirement

    • prevent-block-place - Whether block placing should be blocked when a player does not meet a requirement

    • prevent-interact - Whether interacting (right clicking) should be blocked when a player does not meet a requirement

    • global - Define item requirements that should apply to every item of that type. Format: - '[material] [skill_1]:[level_1] [skill_2]:[level_2] ...'

  • armor:

    • prevent-armor-equip - Whether armor should be unable to be equipped when a player does not meet a requirement

    • global - Define armor requirements that should apply to every item of that type. Format: - '[material] [skill_1]:[level_1] [skill_2]:[level_2] ...'



  • base-multiplier - The base damage multiplier for critical hits

  • enabled - Options in this category control whether that item type should be able to deal critical hits. (hand is for empty fist, other is for holding any other item not on the list)


  • placeholder-api - Whether PlaceholderAPI placeholders should be used in menus.


check-for-updates - Whether the plugin should check for new updates on startup and when a player with the aureliumskills.checkupdates permission joins


  • enabled - Whether automatic backups should be taken on server shutdown

  • minimum-interval-hours - The minimum interval, in hours, between automatic backups. Automatic backups will only be taken at least this amount of hours after the last one.

save-blank-profiles - If false, player data of players who have not leveled any skills or gained any XP will not be saved into storage.

Skill Options

All Skills Options

  • enabled - Whether this skill should be enabled. Disabled skills will be invisible from menus and unable to be leveled. The abilities and mana abilities of disabled skills will not work.

  • max-level - The max level obtainable naturally for this skill

  • check-cancelled - An option on most skills that controls whether block break events should be checked for cancellation (only disable if there are plugin compatibility issues)

  • check-multiplier-permissions - Whether to check for permission based XP multipliers when a player gains XP in a skill. If you do not use multiplier permissions, setting this to false can improve performance.

Archery and Fighting Options

  • damage-based - Option to grant XP every time a player attacks per damage dealt instead of killing the mob. WARNING: This still uses the values in sources_config.yml as the XP granted PER VANILLA DAMAGE for each type of mob. You should significantly lower and equalize the archery and fighting values in sources_config.yml if you want to keep the progression similar to before.

  • spawner-multiplier - Option to change the XP gained from mobs spawned from spawners. Set to 0 to disable XP from mob spawners; set to 1 to match regular mobs (1 by default). The XP gained is the spawner-multiplier value multiplied by the XP a normal mob of that type would give.

Defense Options

  • max - The maximum amount of XP that can be gained at once

  • min - The minimum amount of XP/damage required to gain any XP

  • allow-shield-blocking - Allow Defense XP gain when blocking with a shield (false by default)

Endurance Options

  • xp-gain-period - How often Endurance XP should be gained, in ticks

Alchemy Options

  • give-xp-on-takout - Alchemy option to reward XP when the potion is taken out of the brewing stand.

  • give-xp-on-potion-combat - Give alchemy XP when using splash/lingering potions to kill/damage mobs (follows Archery options and XP source values)

  • ignore-custom-potions - If true, abilities will not be applied on potions with custom effects.

Healing Options

  • exclude-negative-potions - Disable options that give negative effects from giving Healing XP

Forging Options

  • blocked-grindstone-enchants - A list of enchantments that should not give grindstone XP. Useful for preventing irremovable curses from custom enchant plugins from allowing XP duping.

Stat Options



  • modifier - How much vanilla hp should be given for every Health level (2 = 1 vanilla heart). By default it is 0.5, which means players will gain half of half a heart (0.25 of a heart) for every Health level. This is not affected by hp-indicator-scaling.

  • health-scaling - If enabled, hearts are scaled at high enough hps (purely visual), maxing out at 20 hearts. (This option is to prevent hearts taking up a large portion of the screen, however this means that 1 heart at low hps will not be worth the same as 1 heart at high hps)

  • hp-indicator-scaling - How much vanilla hp should be multiplied by for display on the action bar and menus (Does not affect actual health, purely visual)

  • update-delay - How many ticks the plugin should wait before updating health on world switches (keep at 0 unless you are having plugin compatibility issues)

  • force-base-health - If enabled, base health will be forced to 20 every time health updates (only enable if you are having plugin compatibility issues)

  • hearts - This section is used to change the hearts shown for different health ranges. The key is the number of hearts and the value is the minecraft health that amount of hearts is unlocked at.

    For example, if two entries are '12': 29 and '13': 37, this means the player will have 12 hearts shown on their screen when their minecraft health is from 29 (inclusive) to 37 (exclusive).

    The values are not the HP shown on the action bar. To find the HP from the action bar the value is, multiply it by the health.hp-indicator-scaling option (default is 5).

    This supports hearts below 10 and hearts above 20, just add entries with the key as the number of hearts.

    The order of keys and values should be sequential, otherwise higher heart entries will override lower ones.

    This is purely cosmetic, changing these options does not change the actual hp you have.

    This only works if you have set to true.

  • keep-full-on-increase - If enabled, a player with full health that has a health stat increase will keep full health. Players will not need to regenerate extra health if they were already at full health before their max health increased.



  • modifier - How much vanilla damage should be added for every Strength level (2 = 1 vanilla heart of damage). If use-percent is set to true, the new damage is damage = originalDamage * (1 + (strength * modifier) / 100).

  • hand-damage - Whether strength should work on fists and items that aren't tools or weapons)

  • bow-damage - Whether strength should apply for bows

  • display-damage-with-health-scaling - Whether the Strength descriptors in the stats menu should display damage with health.hp-indicator-scaling

  • use-percent - Whether strength should be calculated on a percentage basis, rather than adding. This will make the base damage more important so waiting for the attack cooldown and using a better weapon will be more important. If this is true, the recommended modifier is 0.63.



  • new-modifier - Controls the power of the Toughness stat in reducing damage (See this for more info)



  • custom-regen-mechanics - Whether custom regeneration mechanics should be enabled (allows the control of regen delays but doesn't feel as vanilla)

  • base-regen - The base amount of vanilla health regenerated when Regeneration is 0

  • saturated-modifier - How much addition health should be regenerated per Regeneration level when the player has saturation

  • hunger-full-modifier - How much additional health should be regenerated per Regeneration level when the player is at full hunger but does not have saturation

  • hunger-almost-full-modifier - How much additional health should be regenerated per Regeneration level when the player is above 14 hunger points but below 20

  • custom-regen-options:

    • saturated-delay - How fast health should regenerate when the player has saturation, in ticks, if custom-regen-mechanics are enabled

    • hunger-delay - How fast health should regenerate when the player does not have saturation, in ticks, if custom-regen-mechanics are enabled

  • mana-modifier - How much additional mana should be regenerated per second per Wisdom level

  • base-mana-regen - The base amount of mana regenerated when Regeneration is 0



  • modifier - How much luck attribute should be given per Luck level

  • double-drop-enabled - Whether the luck double drop functionality is enabled

  • double-drop-modifier - The chance modifier for double drop per Luck level

  • double-drop-percent-max - The maximum percent chance for double drops



  • anvil-cost-modifier - The anvil XP cost reduced per Wisdom level

  • experience-modifier - The increase in vanilla experience gain per Wisdom level

  • allow-over-max-mana - Whether mana should stay when the Wisdom stat decreases so that the max mana goes below the current mana

  • max-mana-per-wisdom - How much the max mana should increase per wisdom level

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